Between Coaches: Using Your Intuition

by Aug 11, 2023Podcast, Uncategorized

Show Summary:

In this Season 1 finale, Taryn Laakso and Melinda talk about leveraging your intuition without forcing it on your clients. That requires trust, vulnerability, practice as well as allowing your clients the space to co-create their own transformation.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What is intuition?
  • How does lack of trust interfere with our intuition?
  • The importance of being present with your clients.
  • What are the levels of listening, and how can we gauge them?
  • How can a coach know when to speak, what they are intuitively feeling, with their client?
  • Advice for new coaches on developing their intuitive talents.
  • Using tools to help hone intuition. 
  • How being vulnerable with your intuition can help your clients.
  • Training your brain to cultivate intuition. 
  • Understanding how your intuition is communicated to you.