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Hi! I’m Taryn Laakso,

Your Coach and Guide on this exciting transformational journey…

I believe deeply in the power of coaching, and have seen its immense positive impacts in my own personal and professional life. I have taken this journey myself and have conquered numerous personal obstacles with courage and determination along with a fierce passion for overcoming negative self-talk. I believe that I am uniquely suited as your guide and I am thrilled to share proven methods for intercepting and upgrading your mental operating system. I believe everyone deserves to have a life that is calm, flowing with ease, and grounded in deep inner confidence.


As a recovering Hyper-Achiever, I know the challenges faced with keeping up appearances of perfectionism when faced with negative self-talk like “I’m not good enough and “I’m not doing enough”. It’s exhausting and creates a disconnection with your emotions and others in your life. I will help you find your gifts and strengths as a High-Achieving professional while also creating compassion and empathy for yourself and others. You’ll quiet down the negative inner critic talk and judgment of others that cause most of the conflict and unease in your life. I’ll empower you with a deep belief in yourself that is rooted in self-confidence and offer a new perspective when faced with difficult challenges.

Together, we’ll take you to your personal summit so you can live on top of the world in your professional life and personal relationships.

What I’m exploring right now…

Comfort Zones

Learning the difference between  a comfort zone that is in service of and those that are limiting potential.

Right Relationship

What does being in “Right Relationship” to myself feel like?

Money Mindset

Exploring how to shift the mindset of feeling there  “isn’t enough” (scarcity)  to “I have enough” (abundance)

Professional Bio

Taryn Laakso is a leadership & mental fitness coach who guides clients through a journey of overcoming limiting beliefs, igniting confidence, and inspiring leadership.

Taryn supports you in Creating a Living full of joy, happiness, and purpose.

Taryn boldly left the corporate world on March 5th, 2020, unknowingly days before the world came to a halt with Covid-19. She left behind a 20+ year career in HR and Technology to fully pursue a career that ignited her passion and would create a living that inspired rather than tired her out.

She understands the human dynamics that are called forth when encountering difficult choices during transitions like career changes, relationships, and parenting. This understanding allows her to hold compassion, wisdom, and empathy for others facing similar challenges. Taryn recognizes that corporate professionals and parents face similar challenges at the office and at home; especially when transitioning into a new phase of leadership, parenting, or relationships. Often they are faced with negative self-talk like “Am I good enough?” or “Am I doing enough?”. These particular negative self-talk tapes increase in volume significantly when facing a major transition. Taryn believes that no one should go alone on the journey of transformation without a guide to keep an eye out for the crevasses of negative inner talk that open up wide to sabotage your happiness and confidence.

Taryn is a leader, both personally and professionally…

She navigated a divorce and successfully designed a co-parenting partnership with her ex-husband and his wife to align together on the vision for raising their daughters in separate households. Recently, she embarked on the beautiful challenge of blending her and her partner’s children into an authentically messy and chaotic home filled with love, communication, and support.

Taryn brings with her over 17 years of balancing work and family commitments. She is passionate about helping her clients successfully navigate their leadership quest, whether it is personally or professionally, with confidence and clarity by intercepting sabotaging negative self-talk, shifting to positive perspectives, and activating new tools that invite curiosity, empathy, and seeing the gifts in the challenges that live throws our way. 

Professional Certifications


Taryn earned a Bachelor in Psychology, along with a minor in Women’s Studies, from the University of Washington and is a Certified CTI Co-Active Coach (CPCC), accredited through the International Coaching Federation with a Professional Coaching Certificate (PCC), and is one of the first 20 coaches in the world to be certified as a Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Coach (CPQC).

Taryn brings the wisdom she has gained from her own real-life experiences into her coaching practice; from balancing the demands of raising two daughters as a single mom, while holding a full-time job, earning her coaching certification, and launching her own successful business. She is committed to helping clients unlock their amazing potential, and discover their own unique personal strengths so they can successfully navigate life’s transitions, and live full and authentic lives.

Outside of coaching, Taryn loves traveling, cooking, sailing, backpacking in the Pacific Northwest, reading, and spending quality time with her family.

“Hope and fear can’t occupy the same place.
Invite one to stay.”

Maya Angelou


Work With Taryn

Through private, group, or team coaching, Taryn helps clients discover their unique key through a variety of ways to unlock the potential of all who work with her.


Taryn loves sharing insights, inspirations and musing on the “mess of life.” She believes that the message is in the mess. Click below to catch up on recent posts.


Taryn offers group coaching, workshops, and retreats virtually and in person. View the calendar to learn more...

“Taryn is a powerful coach and a deeply caring and compassionate human being of whom you will simply want to be around. We were in the same business accelerator group together. A casual conversation turned into a deep coaching conversation. Taryn’s loving presence and powerful questions led me to a life-changing insight, and I will always be grateful for that conversation. I will recommend Taryn to anyone who wants to work with a coach to find a breakthrough in her life!”

Julia Meade

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