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Are you ready to get into the best mental shape of your life?

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The next group kicks off June 20, 2023

Mental Fitness Training

Master Your Mindset & Maximize Your Potential

Next Round Kicks off  June 20, 2023

Do you feel exhausted, depleted, and resentful about how much you do for others? If you are stuck in a rut of pleasing, avoiding, and feeling frustrated about the state of our world…then Mental Fitness Bootcamp is for you! During this 12-week virtual coaching program, you will receive insights into your strengths, see the gifts in the challenges, navigate your decisions with clarity, and conquer obstacles that will have you celebrating from the mountain tops!

This Program Will Help You Cultivate…




Healthy Relationships


Positive Mindset


Clarity & Calm

Tools & Training

Learn to navigate with Calm and Courage no matter what storms you encounter.

Designed like a mental fitness bootcamp, the Positive Intelligence® PQ Program gives you the insights, motivation, and structure to practice 15 minutes per day for 12 weeks.

The program combines weekly video sessions with daily app-guided practices to boost your 3 core mental fitness muscles.

Guided by Shrizad Chamine through weekly 1 hour video sessions and weekly group connections calls facilitated by PQ certified coaches, Taryn Laakso & Cynthia Maloney, you will deepen and personalize your understanding of the mental fitness tools. You leave inspired and energized for the week’s daily practices.

“Individuals with a growth mindset – those who are not discouraged in the face of a challenge, who think positively, and who are not afraid to make or admit mistakes – are able to learn and adjust faster and more easily overcome obstacles.”

Carol Dweck

The Time is Now

In this time of world transition, now, more than ever, it’s time to step up and reach your personal summit!

Professionals & Business Owners are transforming how they are showing up in their careers. The world is asking you to pivot in ways not seen before. Being mentally agile is just as important as being physically fit. Success is rapidly being redefined and it requires new thinking, new strategies, and new habits to create positive mental well-being that creates happiness now!

A big reason why people struggle is because their inner critic runs the show.

To turn this around, you need to activate the mental muscles of your positive self.

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I’m Taryn Laakso,

Your Coach and Guide on this exciting transformational journey…

I believe deeply in this work, and have seen its immense positive impacts in my own personal and professional life. I have taken this journey myself and have conquered personal obstacles with courage and determination along with a fierce passion for overcoming negative self-talk. I believe that I am uniquely suited as your guide and I am thrilled to share these tools with you! I want to help you find your strengths as a business owner, empower you with self-confidence, and expand your horizons when faced with difficult challenges. Together, we’ll take you to your personal summit so you can live on top of the world in your business and personal relationships!

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Cynthia Gene,

I’m so happy to welcome you as you explore coaching as an element to the next steps of your journey!

As an Integrative Wellbeing Specialist and Certified Mental Fitness Coach, I help individuals and teams achieve their personal and professional goals by leveraging the power of Positive Intelligence (PQ). With over 25 years of experience in small business sales, marketing, and operations, I bring a unique perspective and a passion for holistic wellbeing to my coaching, consulting, and facilitation work. My goal is to empower my clients with self-confidence and simple, accessible tools to overcome obstacles, prevent burnout, manage stress, and cultivate work-life synergy. Let’s walk through a fulfilling transformation together that will open doors to new possibilities in your work, personal relationships, and health and wellness.

Reach new summits in 12 Weeks…

Through this program, you will receive insights into your strengths, tap into your courage, and conquer obstacles that will have you celebrating from the mountain tops!

Client Testimonial

Melissa Reaves

“Hope and fear can’t occupy the same place.
Invite one to stay.”

Maya Angelou

Old Mindset

Your old patterns of beating yourself up that leave you feeling…

  • Unhappy (thinking you’re not good enough)
  • Irritated or angry (with others not doing it right)
  • Exhausted and stressed (taking care of everyone else)

New Mindset

You will be clear and peaceful during stressful and challenging moments. As a result, you will…

  • Stay focused on achieving your goals with fewer distractions
  • Find ease in your business getting more done in less time
  • Increase happiness even in tough times

The 12-week immersive & experiential program will help you build

3 Core Muscles of Mental Fitness

Self-Command Muscle

Fully utilize this muscle with “PQ Reps” to put YOURSELF back into control!

Saboteur-Interceptor Muscle

Build this muscle to help beat stress, anxiety, and all that goes with it!

Sage Muscle

Tap into and exploit this muscle to handle challenges like a calm and peaceful pro!

Are you ready to get into the best mental shape of your life?

Join Us!

The next group kicks off June 20, 2023

Together we will uncover the Saboteurs, discover the 5 Sage Powers, and build Mental Intercepting Muscles.

You will build strength and resiliency to the self-doubt that plagues most professionals and keeps you from living a life of confidence and freedom!

What You’ll Learn :

  • The 10 Saboteurs and how to combat them
  • Learn how to shift from challenges into gifts or opportunties
  • The Sage’s 5 Superhero Powers and how to activate them
  • How Saboteurs impact others in the group and how they have become universal roadblocks to obtaining a happier life!

What’s Included :

  • Unlimited, private support from your coaches via your client portal

  • Weekly group calls & discussions co-guided by Coach Taryn & Coach Cynthia

  • Exclusive PQ App that guides your daily practice

  • Interactive PQ Gym

  • Daily Mental Muscles Growth Progress Tracking

  • Video Library & Trainings by PQ Founder, Shirzad Chamine

  • Bonus: Two private 1:1 coaching session with either Taryn or Cynthia to explore how the saboteurs impact you personally & professionally

  • Supportive community experiencing this transformation program along with you

Where do you want to be in 12 weeks?
Who do you want to be in 12 weeks?
What do you want your life to look like in 12 weeks?

When you choose the path of mental fitness, anything and everything is possible.

When you do what you have always done and taken the “easy” approach, you will continue to work harder and longer. You’ll feel frustrated because you’re not hitting your financial goals. You’ll struggle in your relationships and resentment will bubble up causing you to doubt how long you want to invest in this person. At best, you might hit some short-term goals. At worst, you won’t sustain the momentum and feel exhausted and resentful.

Mental Fitness Core Training!

****Program Dates: June 2023

Meeting Days – Tuesdays:

June 20 (90 minutes)
June 27
**July 5 (Wednesday due to holiday)
July 11
July 18
July 25
August 1
August 8
August 15
**August 25 (Friday)
August 29 (Graduation Day! – 90 minutes)
**September 8 (Friday)**

Please note that seats are limited to max of 20 participants per group! Register now to guarantee your spot! 

“I now have a higher level of awareness of the negative voices in my head and how to quiet them. I’m better at recognizing when they show up and I have a defense mechanism in place. I’m able to cut off the negative thoughts, accepting the 5% truth, and listening more to my sage so I can overcome unreasonable fears and continue moving forward to reach my goals.”

Carmel Ecker

“I am able to recognize my judge and other saboteurs better which allows me to be less reactive and more open to listening to others with more empathy. It’s a gift to find the 10% right in what someone is saying, even if I disagree with them. The PQ self-command tools are techniques that have helped me feel calmer and focused. Even if you’re busy and can’t complete all the steps, just investing 30% of your time gets results!”