Caterpillar to a Butterfly ~ Reality Check for Overnight Transformation Expectations

by Apr 1, 2021Blog, Inspiration, Leadership0 comments

Thirty-one days ago I departed my role at T-Mobile with elbow bumps and the beginnings of social distancing creating new norms of saying goodbye and letting go of the hugs I wanted to share with my beloved magenta family.

That small change was one of many more to unfold for me and the world.

Holy Smokes! I had no idea so many changes could occur in just one month. In just 30-31 days, as a society, we’ve had to implement social distancing, work from home, become teachers for our kids, share space, adjust to new norms. For our workers in critical jobs, you’ve had to put yourself out on the front line and support necessary services. From the bottom of my heart – Thank You!

Personally, a month ago, I thought my cocoon of transformation would align with what a monarch butterfly experiences after 10-14 days. I’d hatch from the chrysalis with solid wings after attending a kick-ass leadership retreat in Sonoma and spend the rest of March developing my business. April would begin and I’d be fluttering around enjoying the freedom of my entrepreneurship life by working on my business, spending quality time with my partner and kids, cooking delicious meals, reading good books, taking more dance classes, and connecting with colleagues around the world. Sounds like an awesome plan, eh? Apparently my vision for what I wanted was pretty damn powerful and it’s manifesting in ways beyond anything I could have imagined.

Quick caveat…I never once envisioned the world going into quarantine and human lives being lost or critically impacted. That definitely was NOT part of my vision.

However, I did hold a vision for my future life. I set goals and had several amazing partners nudging or kicking my butt along the way who held me accountable to my vision.  I made difficult choices and shed tears. I might have even tried a few times to resist the current pushing me towards this destination. I’m still holding my vision and working towards it. I haven’t emerged from this current cocoon. It looks like it’s going to take a bit longer to break out of the cocoon. Sometimes the transformation process also hurts and sucks all at the same time. And there are some silver linings to it too. It can feel like a mixed bag of change.

I’d like to help you or someone you care about to navigate through the new normal because we’re facing challenges on big and small scales, unlike anything we’ve experienced before. Who do you know that is facing the tough balancing of working from home while trying to teach and parent at the same time? Or now you have too many people all living under the same roof? Or maybe you unexpectedly lost your job or have been furloughed?

Whatever it is that has you feeling big feelings or worries or leaving you stressed, I am here to help you gain clarity around the chaos and process the emotions. I’m offering my coaching services for whatever you are able to pay. I have flexibility and want to support you in the best way I can right now. I’m here for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to connect.