Courageous Leadership Isn’t Always Sparkly Clean

by Nov 15, 2020Blog, Courageous Leadership, Inspiration, Leadership, Messy Messages

What am I up to in the world?

Great question, let me share a bit of what is emerging for me right now…

I am playing around in the mess of becoming a business owner, leading a blended family, and keeping sane in an unprecedented year of change. All the while, trying to keep my head on straight and my [go ahead and insert your favorite curse word here ] together.

Let me tell you this…It’s exhilarating AND exhausting all at the same time.

What I know is working for me is courageous leadership. What is courageous leadership?

To me, I’ve been inspired by Brené Brown’s work in her Dare to Lead book and most recently in her Dare to Lead Podcast.

I love how Brené has summed up courageous leadership:

“Leadership is not about titles or the corner office. It’s about the willingness to step up, put yourself out there, and lean into courage. The world is desperate for braver leaders. It’s time for all of us to step up.”

Here’s my imperfect interpretation of courageous leadership. 

    1. Show Up
    2. Get Messy
    3. Believe You Can
    4. Lean In
    5. Rest & Play

These are also not in any hierarchical order, in fact, #5 deserves the top billing because if I am not rested or feel like playing, then it so much harder to show up.

I believe Courageous Leadership is what our world needs more of. As citizens, employees, managers, parents, partners, business owners, etc. cultivating a culture of courageous leaders invites authenticity and vulnerability to our lives. I want more of that! I also believe in …

    • It gives permission to show up even if all the ducks aren’t lined up in a row.
    • It means sharing a thought with others and taking responsibility for cleaning up if there has been a negative impact.
    • It means believing in the bigger purpose and risking the unknown
    • It invites help from others to offer a helping hand or lean on when the going gets tough
    • It means laughing and having fun enjoying what is right in front of you

Over the next 5 weeks, I will share my perspective on each one of these and an example in my life of how I am honoring (or not) and the impacts it creates. I am continuously redefining what each means and that’s okay. That’s the “get messy” part of living right now. Redesign as you go.

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Are you stuck with in trying to keep it all together? I can help you discover your courageous leadership. 

Sending you the courage to be YOU in this messy and imperfect world,