Ctrl+Alt+Delete with Lisa Duerre: For Leaders In Tech Escaping Burnout & Rebooting Their Identity

by Jan 19, 2021Podcast

Show Summary:

Here’s the code to increase connection and quality of results.

In this episode of CTRL+ALT+DELETE Taryn Laakso chats with Lisa Duerre – Igniting Leaders in Tech about the easily accessible mental fitness code that helps leaders create connection and quality of results even in disruptive times. They share personal stories, actionable tips, and unfiltered insight to help leaders at all levels in Tech get results without settling or burning out. They double click on how to be your best even when you get less than stellar handoffs from other teams, how to improve relationships with people at work you don’t really want to have to work with and how to get your team connected in a meeting when they are running back to back.

Grab your headphones and grab your notebook – you don’t want to miss the gold in this episode.