Faith Hijacked by Saboteurs

by Feb 1, 2021Blog, Messy Messages, Positive Intelligence

It was one of my most major messy weeks since becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

I suffered from a severe vulnerability hangover. I had just shared my book, How to Thrive in a Post-Covid World, with hundreds of people on social media, and I was a guest on Lisa Deurre’s Ctrl | Alt | Del  podcast. Coming out and publicly sharing what I am up to in the world around mastering mindset is a scary growth edge that I crossed.

Side note, not familiar with the concept of vulnerability hangover? Here’s a link to Brene Brown’s Ted Talk that explains this concept in “The Power of Vulnerability”. In a nutshell, it’s a confusing mix of fear and exhaustion after sharing something significant that is vulnerable. Anytime when fear starts oozing into your mind, an alarm bell should be ringing at full volume. It’s the perfect setup for saboteurs to hijack all the excellent work you’re doing in your life.

For me, my fear of sustaining the momentum, fear of success, fear of being judged was a perfect petri dish for the best-known saboteur, The Judge, to grow its ugly moldy thoughts and hijack my mental well being. I shifted from a confident business owner on a Friday to an insecure, judgmental person by Monday. Whoosh, just like that, the positivity and confidence were gone. I judged myself harshly with ugly thoughts of “I am not good enough” and “I am not doing enough,” and when I didn’t like who I was pointing the finger at, I unconsciously shifted my judgment towards my partner. And yeah, that did NOT go over well, and I admit, not my proudest partner moment.

I needed to clarify what the heck was going on before some permanent damage to my relationship and business happened. I stepped away for a few days and took care of myself because I was exhausted. Today, I feel restored, rested, and recommitted to my partner and business. In the unplanned self-care retreat, I journaled, walked, talked, and read my way to restore my faith.

I’m curious if you have had a crisis of faith in yourself shift that quickly from feeling confident and excited to self-doubt and criticism?

If so, what did you do to find your confidence and faith that you are good enough?  

No strategy? That’s fine. I’ve got you. Here are some tips on pulling out of the tailspin of criticism by the Judge and activating your calm and clarity that will bring you back to inner wisdom and confidence.

  1. Take a break and breath! Like, 100x if needed! And Repeat!
  2. Walk it out! Seriously, get outside or away from the negative energy space and move your body.
  3. Call someone who you trust to share the shit show that is unraveling so they can hold space as you process it all without judgment.
  4. Engage your Massive Self-Care Plan (MSCP). Don’t have one? Find  time on my calendar and let’s create one together for you.
  5. Forgive yourself that you are human and no one is perfect.
And last, and most importantly, join me in learning tools to intercept the Judge and his band of accomplice saboteurs in my next  Mental Fitness Bootcamp starting February 10th. You’ll recognize the signs and feelings that the Judge has hijacked you. It’s time to intercept your self-doubt and the judgment of others and learn new tools that activate calm and curiosity to confidently navigate your life and business.  You matter to me, and I believe you deserve to have the tools and support during this time of stress and strain in our world. If you’re feeling exhausted keeping it all together, you’re not alone. If your relationship with your partner or children are surviving and you want to shift to thriving, I’ve got you. All the best in this messy and imperfect world,

Taryn Laakso