Flying Towards Purpose to Play Your Bigger Game

by Sep 6, 2021Blog, Inspiration

Your joy and passion are often found in experiences from your childhood. I was joyously reminded of this by my 17-year daughter, Isabella upon her return from Huntsville, Alabama after spending a week at Aviation Camp. She was LIT UP from the inside out. Her positive attitude and 1000 watt smile were contagious. 

Beyond witnessing, with heart-melting motherhood joy, the excitement of my daughter, I noticed a transformation had occurred in her. She came back more confident, mature, and energized to follow her passion for flying. She was ready to fly towards her purpose! As a mother, it brings tears to my eyes to see her growing up so quickly. As a coach, I am honored to witness her journey as a young lady who broke out of several comfort zones to align her joy, passion, and purpose. To support her from behind as she takes flight to go after her dreams. To watch her Play Her Bigger Game. 

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Reflecting on her experience, I noticed how easily she popped from one square to another as she stepped into Playing A Bigger Game. What’s beautiful about this model is how fluid it is. It’s hard to get stuck in any one spot since you feel the pull towards another square at any given time. Learn how she maneuvered around the game board as she takes off from the tarmac and launches herself towards becoming a pilot! 

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  • Compelling Purpose: She has a clear vision of becoming a commercial pilot so she can fly around the world and travel (hmmm… wonder where she got that passion from? 🙂 )
  • Assess: 6 months ago, she recognized that she needed something for her college applications that highlighted her passion for flying so she has a better chance of acceptance into her top choices for Aeronautical Engineering colleges. 
  • Allies: She reached out to her aunt, who knows quite a bit about the college admissions process through her business of Transcend Academy, and asked what she could do to increase her chances of getting into her dream school.  
  • Investment: She invested time and money by working a part-time job to raise money for flight lessons and received investments from her family so she could attend the camp. She also invested time in researching universities that will support her compelling purpose. She even has an amazing spreadsheet tracking all this research. (Not sure what impresses me more… the spreadsheet or her enthusiasm. LOL)
  • Comfort Zone: At camp, she stepped out of being just a camp participant and raised her hand to say YES to being a pod leader, even though she didn’t have any experience in this area before. She also stepped into a flight simulator of an F-18 at camp and learned how to take off and land on an aircraft carrier.
    Comfort zones can serve until they don’t. 
  • Gulp: I’m sure there were several gulp moments as she took hold of the throttle of the F-18 simulator or as she commanded her pod to take action in the field training exercises.
    It’s that feeling right before Bold Action that feels like you are excited and scared all at the same time, but your compelling purpose and hunger are strong enough that you are ready to go! 
  • Bold Action: Leading a group of teenagers without having all the training, tools, information. Being willing to try and let go of getting it right. Applying for colleges that might be stretch schools for her to get into. She’s applying for scholarships that may or may not receive.
    Bold action is about trying and willing to fail than not try at all which keeps you in a comfort zone that doesn’t serve. 
  • Hunger: Isabella is hungry to learn more, explore more, travel more. To expand her wings and take off.

I’m not going to lie to you, it evokes all sorts of emotions within me as I watch her literally and figuratively learn to fly towards her dreams. It seems like just yesterday, she was this little baby on her first plane ride and now she’s matured into the young lady who is thrilled to be sitting in the pilot seat of her life. 

Bittersweet? Heck yes! Would I want it any other way? Definitely not. 

Where are you playing a bigger game in your life right? 

Can you find yourself on this game board right now? 

Where do you want to move next?


What is holding you back from taking off the tarmac and flying towards your compelling purpose? 

Join me in a complimentary 30 Min Ignite Your Life call and we’ll assess together where you want to go next on Playing Your Bigger Game. All it takes is a small investment of your time and a hunger to want something different!

Are you game?