I Believe You Can

by Nov 22, 2020Blog, Inspiration

For most of my life, I chose to live in the comfort of not making waves in my life, relationships, and career.

I did what was expected of me. I followed the rules. I chose comfort over courage. 

The cost? So damn much. 

It cost me my marriage. It prevented me from having deep connections with friends and family. It kept me quiet in the workforce. It caused me stress, worry, and anxiety.  Until now. I have chosen to walk into the middle of the dance floor with courage as my partner instead of sitting on the sidelines like a wallflower. What I have now in my life is amazing! [reality check: amazing does not mean perfect and easy] I have a partner who adores and appreciates me. I trust him implicitly while also being able to laugh at our quirky habits. I have a business that is growing. I have a blended family where each one of us gets to fly our own little freak flag because we are each unique and amazing. I have a much better relationship with my sister and parents that I never dreamed of having when I was growing up. I have a good relationship with my ex-husband and his wife that allows us to communicate effectively regarding our girls. I am so deeply grateful for the life I’ve created because I courageously made decisions that were difficult but necessary. I took risks with my heart and experienced failure along the way (lots of failures!). I stopped playing it safe. What was the shift? Believing that I could! This belief came from others at first (friends, amazing coaches, & family) and then I started to internalize it. I believe you can have what you want in this world too. You deserve it. I get it. Have you ever had this thought? “I’m not enough” I believe you can overcome this lie you’ve been telling yourself.

You are enough!

Have you felt that you have to take care of everyone else first? I believe this lie is costing you your energy and building up resentment.

You deserve to put the oxygen mask on yourself first!

Have you ever avoided a conversation because it might cause conflict? I believe this thought pattern is causing you too much worry and anxiety.

You can speak your truth and still be loved!

I thought about all these things and more. There are some days I can still feel these negative thoughts tugging at my confidence. How do I counteract them? I tap into the toolkit of Positive Intelligence (PQ) exercises and pick one of these and do it for at least 2 minutes:
    • Pay close attention to the rhythm of your breath
    • Stop and focus your attention by looking intently on just one thing (an object, a sound, a sensation)
    • Close your eyes and listen to the farthest sound you can hear
    • Take a bite of food and pay exquisite attention to the texture and taste
    • Wiggle your toes
Try one of these next time you start feeling yourself judging yourself or someone else. These are just a few ways to intercept the sabotaging thoughts that are responsible for most of the negative thoughts and emotions in our lives. Once intercepted, you get to choose how you react. This is where you get to step into believing that YOU CAN do something different. Mindset is the key to shifting your life. If you believe you can, then it’s possible. The worst thing to do is believe you can’t. I am in the business of believing 100% in my clients that they CAN do what they want. This is why I am so excited that I get to invite you, or someone you know, into my next 7-week Mental Fitness Bootcamp starting on December 7th at 4pm. This is the perfect time to intercept the negative thoughts that will likely emerge due to the holidays this year. So many things will be different. If you are navigating difficult conversations with family members, you’ll get some great tools to create more calm and clarity on how to handle the chaos floating in our world right now. Click here to learn more about the 7 Week Mental Fitness Bootcamp. Or maybe you want to explore via a conversation if this is something you want to try.  I believe you can have more courage and confidence in your life to create the life you deserve.

Do you believe it?