Inhale Your Inspiration

by Dec 14, 2020Blog, Inspiration0 comments

Confinement at home has hit me hard this month.

The most since this long pandemic started. Yet I didn’t know the fog was rolling in on my energy and spirit until my partner had to confront me with it. It was a slow slide into myself that I had a hard time noticing.

Sometimes it’s a knock on the head to wake me up to when something is off. Or this case, a heated discussion that triggered my saboteurs of the Avoider fleeing from the scene and activated my Hyper-Achiever to dig into my work to ignore what I was feeling. Both of them told me the lie that I could DO work instead of BE with my emotions. I could just work and push through all the crazy that is happening right now.

And other times it takes a loving partner, friend, or coach to ask the question “What’s going on right now for you?” and “What do you need RIGHT now?”

Fortunately, this week, it was all of the above that had me reflect that bypassing my emotions, worries, and anxiety was costing me too much.

Where was the Joy and Sparkle I wanted to honor in my holidays this season?

Where was my self-care?

Where was the belief that I can do great things?

Where was I leaning into my community?

Bam! Then I realized that I hadn’t been in the wilderness for 8 days. My radius of living was confined to the 1/2 mile radius around our neighborhood. Holy Smokes!

I needed to inhale the inspiration and exhale the expiration

In and out; again and again. Filling fresh, clean air deep into my soul.

Now I feel grounded, tapped into my creative energy, and optimistic about the week ahead.

For some of you, your energy and creativity boost comes from a different source. How can you find it? If you are feeling any of these feels going into the heart of the darkness of our winter, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone who can support you. I believe many of us are going to be affected unless we take steps to activate our souls. It courageous to ask for help right now. You’re not alone.

What will you do to activate your Inhalation of inspiration and exhale that which needs to expire?

Reach out to me if you need a source of inspiration.

All the best to you and yours in the messy and imperfect world,

Taryn Laakso