Keys to Powering up When You’re Tapped Out!

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For those of us living in the PNW, the cold, dark, and rainy days of November are settling in. I heard one client say it’s the dreary November daze. Doesn’t a flight to the southern hemisphere sound really good right about now? Now, not all of us can escape to the land of sunshine to power back up right now. And to be honest, it’s not a sustainable solution. However, there are ways to increase your energy when it feels like you are tapped out, no matter where you live and available to you at a moment’s notice.

But first, what could be causing your depleted energy? There are so many reasons why, and here are a few we keep hearing from clients:

    1. I’ve got too much on the “Do Now” list
    2. I don’t think I’m doing enough
    3. Tired of taking care of everyone else’s needs
    4. I’m doing all this myself
    5. I’ve got the weight of the world on my shoulders
    6. I don’t feel like I am being a good enough [insert parent, partner, manager, friend, etc]

What else are you saying that drains your energy?

Here’s where the first key to unlock your energy comes into play.

Strategy # 1 Power Level Assessment:

Imagine your energy comes from 4 different batteries in your life. Without overthinking these areas of your life, ask yourself “From 0% to 100%, how powered up are you right now if you were a battery?” 100% is Fully Charged and 0% is Tapped Out.

    1. Physically – Check in with your body. What is your power level?
    2. Mentally – Check in with your head. What is your power level?
    3. Spiritually – Check in with your heart. What is your power level?
    4. Emotionally – Check in with your emotions. What is your power level?

What is surprising to you about your energy levels?

Which energy quadrant needs your attention most?

We’ve designed a quick Energy Level Assessment tool for you to use anytime you feel tapped out. Here are a few tips to help you be successful in assessing your levels:

    1. Print out the assessment wheel and put it up on your wall next to your desk.
    2. Put a reminder on your calendar to check in weekly
    3. Invite someone to be your Energizer Bunny Buddy. This person is someone who you can check in to assess your energy levels.

Now that you have assessed your energy levels, How do you power up?

We’ve come up with 6 key strategies to tap into once you have assessed which area of your life feels most depleted. Click here to learn 6 additional strategies to Power Up When You’re Feeling Tapped Out.

#1 from above is Power Level Assessment

#2 Listen In: Slow down, pause and scan your heart, mind, and soul to listen to what feels drained right now. Tune in to your energy frequency. Where is there static in your energy?

#3 List It: Write out everything that is draining your energy. All of it!

#4 Line in the Sand: From the list, what is ONE thing you can say No to? This is an invitation to set a boundary. The land of NO opens up room for the YES to step in.

#5 Lean In: Ask for help and an accountability partner to support your decisions. Or maybe it is someone you delegate to. Where can you lean in for support?

#6 Let It Out: Once you decide what you are letting go of, speak your intention out loud. This creates powerful energy of commitment to yourself and the universe.

Bonus Strategy!

This one will take you to another level of commitment. This step leads you to full Empowerment. It’s not for the faint of heart, but for the Full of Heart!

Bonus: Lock it In!

Imagine a line on the ground. On one side of the land is where you have been. The other side is where you want to be. Step from one side of the line and proclaim your intention, out loud, when you cross over. This is the land of commitment and intention. It’s also the land of empowerment.

definition of empower
Empowering yourself to make choices that work for YOU gives you more confidence to take control of your life. Proclaiming what is and is not working for you allows you to stay energetically powered up. It places you in a sustainable pattern of energy flow.

What is possible when you continually assess and check in with yourself? What happens to your energy flow?

You’ll feel more empowered

You’ll have more clarity

You’ll have more authority about what is important to you

You’ll notice when you need to intentionally rest to recharge, rather than burn out.

If you love the concepts and want to go deeper on applying the strategies, but are feeling a little stuck, I want to invite you to schedule a 30 min complimentary coaching call with me.

We’ll discuss your top energy drainer and build a strategy to release its drain on you.

Click here to schedule your complimentary 30 Ignite Coaching Call.