PQ Podcast hosted by Charlie Jett: Breaking down the Brain Bullies blocking your potential, happiness, and success

by Oct 2, 2021Leadership, Podcast, Positive Intelligence

PQ PodcastShow Summary:

The “Avoider” – the Saboteur That Makes You Procrastinate

In this episode of PQ Podcast, Taryn Laakso chats with Charlie Jett about the easily accessible mental fitness code that helps business owners intercept the procrastination behaviors that sabotage performance through lack of sleep, increased worry, and undue stress. Listen in as they discuss the lies the saboteur of The Avoider, tells you just so you can avoid conflict or playing a bigger game in growing your business. And when you avoid, then it’s pretty easy to let procrastinating behaviors to pop up.

Grab your headphones and grab your notebook – you don’t want to miss the some tips on how to intercept when this Positive Intelligence Saboteur hijacks you.

PQ Podcast: The Avoider with Charlie Jett and Taryn Laakso

by Charlie Jett and Taryn Laakso