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Play Your Bigger Game

Rick Tamlyn

My mentor and coach, Rick Tamlyn co-authors this life-changing book. The simplicity of the concept allows me to assess at any given moment where I am playing a bigger game. 

1 Habit

Steven Samblis & Forbes Riley, Featuring Taryn Laakso

After we pass through the devastation of the Covid Pandemic, the World will be a new place in many ways. To thrive in that new World will require forward-thinking and new Habits to put you back on track to a successful future. We reached out to 100 of our best-selling 1 Habit authors and asked them to envision what that World will look like and what Habits people can instill in themselves to not only survive but to thrive like never before. This book will open your mind and heart to ways to create stability and launch your life back onto the success path you are destined for. The best part — it all happens just 1 Habit at a time.

The Science behind Coaching

Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School Affiliate

Positive Intelligence

Shirzad Chamine

New York Times Bestseller! In his popular Stanford University lectures, Shirzad Chamine reveals how to achieve one’s true potential for both professional success and personal fulfillment. His groundbreaking research exposes ten well-disguised mental Saboteurs. Nearly 95 percent of the executives in his Stanford lectures conclude that these Saboteurs cause “significant harm” to achieving their full potential. With Positive Intelligence, you can learn the secret to defeating these internal foes.

Positive Intelligence (PQ) measures the percentage of time your mind is serving you as opposed to sabotaging you. While your IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence) contribute to your maximum potential, it is your PQ that determines how much of that potential you actually achieve.

The great news is that you can improve your PQ significantly in as little as 21 days. With higher PQ, teams and professionals ranging from leaders to salespeople perform 30-35 percent better on average. Importantly, they also report being far happier and less stressed.

The breakthrough tools and techniques in this book have been refined over years of coaching hundreds of CEOs and their executive teams. Shirzad tells many of their remarkable stories, showing you how you too can take concrete steps to unleash the vast, untapped powers of your mind.



  • Identify and conquer your top mental Saboteurs. Common Saboteurs include the Judge, Controller, Victim, Avoider, and Pleaser.
  • Measure the Positive Intelligence score (PQ) for yourself or your team–see how close you come to the critical tipping point required for peak performance.
  • Increase PQ dramatically in as little as 21 days.
  • Develop new brain “muscles,” and access 5 untapped powers with energizing mental “power games.”
  • Apply PQ tools and techniques to increase both performance and fulfillment. Applications include team building, mastering workload, working with “difficult” people, improving work/life balance, reducing stress, and selling and persuading.

Overcoming Underearning

Barbara Stanney

When it comes to money, are you controlled by fear? Do you underestimate your worth? Are you ready to go to the next level, but can’t seem to get there? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be an underearner. Underearners are self-saboteurs who don’t live up to their earnings potential, says Barbara Stanny, a financial educator, motivational speaker, and career counselor. Whether they make $10 an hour or six figures a year, they tend to live paycheck to paycheck, are often in debt, and have a high tolerance for low pay. Ironically, many work incredibly hard.

The good news is that underearning is a self-imposed condition. By focusing on overcoming it, underearners will not only earn what they deserve, but live a richer life. With techniques and exercises that have helped thousands of people, Stanny teaches five essential steps to financial independence and brings a message of empowerment to all those who chronically undervalue themselves.

Dare to Lead Podcast

Brené Brown

Brené Brown writes, “The Dare to Lead podcast will be a mix of solo episodes and conversations with change-catalysts, culture-shifters, and as many troublemakers as possible. Innovating, creating, and building a better, more just world, requires daring leadership in every part of our daily lives – from work to home to community. Together, we’ll have conversations that help us show up, step up, and dare to lead.”

“Since working with Taryn, I had numerous outcomes that can be attributed to our time together. Overall, I felt more empowered and centered around the chaos that is life. Being able to step back and re-frame a situation with the lens of personal values and motivations helped me make more informed and resonant decisions that were aligned with who I am as a whole person. I also feel more successful in knowing how to connect with my inner leader voice and recognize when my saboteur is trying to derail me from my goals. The activities, discussions, viewpoints, and ideas that Taryn shared with me has been meaningful, realistic, actionable, and, most importantly, relevant to me. The tailored approach she used fit and adapted to my style as my needs and wants shifted over time.”


Sr. Consultant, T-Mobile