Embodied Feminine Leadership goes to Italy!

A Nourishing 5 Month Transformational Soul Journey Culminating in an immersive retreat in the hilltops of Italy


Mid-October 2023 – Save Your Spot Now!

Join US…

A 5-Month Journey to Transform your Leadership

Discover embodied ways to unleash the power of your leadership presence for these modern times.

Guided by:

Taryn Laakso, PCC & CPQC

Marjorie Schreurs, ACC & CPCC

Kerri Wood, Tour director


Come Journey with us to…

Umbria, Italy

Umbria, Italy, is an untouched, luscious paradise that is often referred to as the green heart of Italy.

It is an idyllic setting, with only countryside surroundings and captures the true essence of Italian life. Umbria is made up of rolling countryside and historic towns and villages, in addition to authentic food and lively culture, it is no surprise that visitors seek out their olive oil, salami, farro, lentils, grilled meats, game birds, chocolate and honey. You will be nourished in food and in your soul in this luscious paradise.

A Transformational, Soulful & Embodied Journey

This exquisite journey and retreat is an invitation for women who are ready to redefine their leadership presence through movement, mindset, and connecting to their soul’s purpose so you can show up more authentically and empowered in your world.

Radical and lifelong change occurs when the experience is immersive and intensive. This journey is unique in that it is more than just a lovely trip to Italy. It’s a journey to the inside of your soul so you can step forward in your leadership with a grounded presence. Your essence is your presence. How you cultivate it so that it shines brilliantly is up to you. We’ll guide you to discover the facets of your wisdom that long to be illuminated and support you on your personal leadership quest.

During the retreat you will have opportunities to go deeper in the exploration and deeply integrate the pre-retreat concepts during excursions that include horseback riding, cooking, rafting and a hot air balloon ride.

We have only 12 spots in this intimate 5-month journey, so explore the offerings and retreat itinerary, including the questions and answers described below…

Radiance Ignited

Your Leadership Quest

Culminating with a transformational retreat in Italy, this 5-month leadership journey empowers you to explore your leadership longing and step powerfully into your divine feminine wisdom with ease.

Your wisdom is sacred and already within you. We’ll untap the essence of your strengths so that you are grounded, empowered and illuminated. This is an invitation to boldly step forward into your highest potential and soul’s work.

Not only will you feel tapped into your feminine essence, you will have practical tools, maps, and blueprints to support every step of your leadership journey. Integrating mind, body, and spirit based in science and proven frameworks creates structure and repeatable practices that hold you with every edge you cross in your expanded leadership.

Save yourself decades of studying and hundreds of thousands of dollars as we bring the “best of” leadership, embodiment and neuroscience programs, tools and knowledge for your personal and professional development.


Imagine this:

Ciao, bella!

Voyage into the land of mouthwatering food, rich history and inspiring culture. This delicious weeklong stay in Umbria is a perfect combination of self-care, rejuvenation, adventure, and embodying your fullest authentic expression and feminine leadership. Imagine waking up to the expansive rolling hills of Umbria with your warm cup of coffee in one hand and your journal in the other. The day ahead is sprinkled with gentle movement, reflection, exciting adventures, exploring, and time in nature. You are surrounded by supportive, loving, and visionary women doing the work alongside you. You feel rested, nourished, and inspired.


We are done feeling burnt out, stressed out and stretched too thin. We know you are ready for a new way and open to cultivating a sustainable and regenerative way of being. You are beyond competent, educated, and creative, yet you still struggle to receive support and question your capacity to execute your boldest vision.

Big juicy outcomes

After 5 months of self-mastery, step into your authentic leadership and feminine essence. An embodied feminine leader is fully tapped into her sparkling radiance. She is a master of her thoughts, emotions and visions. She stands grounded and empowered in herself. She is softened and amplified by her Sisterhood relationships. She is a force of love and courage for others in her life. She trusts herself above all others and is illuminated in her joy, pleasure, and fulfillment. She knows, without a doubt, SHE IS ENOUGH.


Rooted in the Co-Active leadership model and 20 years of embodiment practice, we’ve created a leadership journey that will support you in establishing your leadership quest that will ask you to step out of comfort zones and play a bigger game personally and professionally. How many times have you felt like you are the one keeping it all together? What if you learned a new way of leading?


Through yoga, dance, and breath, how you tap into your inner wisdom that helps you make decisions faster and with deep clarity. Your body is your brain. By activating your body, your truth is just a dance movement away. 


The circle of sisterhood is ancient and sacred. There is a reason the power of women has been feared for centuries. We believe that a collective of strong, inspiring, and committed women have the ability to create a movement of empowerment that can heal our world. We are inviting women to lean into the wisdom of their sisters so we can all step more powerfully into our brilliance. Shift from below the line masculine energy of “I’ve got this” into the divine above the line feminine presence of “We’ve got you”!

Who is this for?

We believe every woman has the wisdom inside of her to know her next steps and to be the key to unlocking her own power and truth. The work is in identifying and healing the layers of conditioning and stories keeping us from hearing and tapping into this innate wisdom.

Travel With Ease!

All you need is your passport & your vaccination card…

Once you arrive at the Rome Airport all your needs will be taken care of: food, lodging, and transportation. Our Tour Director, Kerri Wood, will handle all the logistics of travel once you have landed in Rome so you can sit back and enjoy this luxurious experience.

Morning Movement & Meditation Grounds You!

Each morning, an embodiment experience and meditation will be available to you to explore and deepen the teachings. This is the spacious contemplation gift you are able to give yourself  to attune to your leadership quest. 

Afternoon adventure awaits you!

Most days you will be taken on an adventure in the Umbria countryside that integrates the daily teachings so you get to apply it in real time and dare to share with your sisters your evolving leadership quest. Whether it’s rafting down a river or taking off in a hot air balloon, you’ll be able to develop and deepen your experience.

Evening Social & Engagement

Evenings will bring a relaxed energy to complete a full day of integration. This is a retreat, so we’ll let down our hair and enjoy the company of our sisters over sumptuous meals that delight the senses. We’ll let the chef at the villa or the local restaurants feed your soul and belly.


Be nourished in Mind, Body, and Soul!

Your dining experiences will range from meals prepared at the Villa or out and about at hand chosen restaurants that serve authentic food from the regions of Umbria and Tuscany. It’s so much more than just pasta and pizza! We are excited to offer an on site culinary dining experience at our Villa one of the nights. This special meal will specifically be designed for our group’s dietary preferences. The chefs will teach us about the history of the dishes, as well as the food from the Tuscany & Umbria region.

The villa will be stocked with provisions and every morning you will be offered an Italian selection of fresh meats, cheeses, fruit and bread to start your day. All meals will be provided except for when you are off on your free time enjoying the countryside.


Borgo di Meana

Located approximately 2 hours by car from Rome, Borgo Di Meana is a tranquil getaway within the Umbrian countryside, with stunning 360 degree views of the green rolling hills located on a hillside. The setting is nestled within Monte Peglia park and Selva di Meana, which was recently classified as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Wrapped in greenery, the villa is located at the end of an avenue lined with cypress trees, leading to what the owners describe as the ‘courtyard’ of the Umbrian hills. Within the garden, there are olive groves where guests can enjoy a peaceful walk. What is special about our villa’s location in Umbria is its close proximity to Tuscany where we get to tucked into the hills with visually stunning views off the beaten path and have an opportunity to enjoy a more quaint experience.


Our villa is a place where history meets luxury with a mix of original stone work, beautiful wood ceilings, Turkish baths and a chef’s kitchen. Beautiful pools with views of the countryside. Bedrooms are very spacious. All guests will have their own rooms and most will share bathroom facilities. Rooms will have A/C and the villa is equipped with WiFi. You’ll be surrounded by lush green grounds and peaceful views.

Retreat Schedule

Mid-October October 2023

Please note that schedule is subject to change, and will include a combination of morning and afternoon/evening activities. 

  • Arrive
  • Settle in
  • Set intentions
  • Dinner
  • Embodiment experience
Sun 17th: WATER
  • First light beverages/fruit available
  • Embodiement & Journaling
  • Breakfast
  • Sisterhood Circle of Learning
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon or Evening integration activity (River Rafting)
  • Dinner
  • Gratitude circle
Mon 18th: FIRE
  • First light beverages/fruit available
  • Embodiement & Journaling
  • Breakfast
  • Sisterhood Circle of Learning
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon or Evening integration activity (Hot Air Balloon)
  • Dinner
  • Gratitude circle
Tuesday 19th: AIR
  • First light beverages/fruit available
  • Embodiment  & Journaling
  • Breakfast
  • Sisterhood Circle of Learning
  • Lunch
  • Personal time/Integration
  • Free afternoon (Massage, Photo sessions, Trip to town, relax by pool)
  • Dinner
  • Gratitude circle
Wednesday 20th: SOUND
  • First light beverages/fruit available
  • Embodiment & Journaling
  • Breakfast
  • Sisterhood Circle of Learning
  • Personal time/Integration
  • Afternoon integration activity (Horseback riding)
  • Free Time
  • Dinner
  • Gratitude circle
Thursday 21st: LIGHT
  • First light beverages/fruit available
  • Embodiment & Journaling
  • Breakfast
  • Sisterhood Circle of Learning
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Integration activity (Hot Springs)
  • Dinner
  • Cooking Class at the Villa
  • Gratitude circle
  • First light beverages/fruit available
  • Embodiement & Journaling
  • Breakfast
  • Sisterhood Circle of Learning
  • Lunch
  • Free time (packing and trip to town)
  • Dinner
  • Completion Ceremony & Celebration (Something amazing is planned, but we’re keeping this a secret!)
Saturday 23rd: GOODBYES
  • First light beverages/fruit available
  • Final movement practice
  • Check out
  • Breakfast
  • Final departures

Taryn Laakso


Contributing Author of 1 Habit in a Post Covid World, and Leadership Coach, Taryn is passionate about empowering women leaders through intercepting limiting beliefs that don’t serve their highest purpose. She integrates the Positive Intelligence ™ and Co-Active leadership™ frameworks to support women in finding the inner wisdom that allows them to step more powerfully into their highest potential.

Since 2015, when she backpacked over 50 miles in the Italian Dolomites with two girlfriends, it has been her leadership quest to more bring women into the heart of Italy to experience sisterhood and step into their most empowered selves!


Marjorie Schreur


Has been integrating yoga, meditation, and coaching for the past 20 years. Once upon a time she pushed herself until her mind, body and soul were completely shut down. She plummeted into a 7-month burnout where all she could do was sit and cry. This awoke in her a deep desire to express to the world that we’ve got this all backwards. Rooted in her core belief that you simply cannot intellectualize empowerment nor can you think yourself from stress to calm. You have to feel your way to it. Marjorie guides busy, impact-driven women to first tap into the inner wisdom of their bodies so they can find and maintain a work-home-life balance that’ll help them burn brighter without burning out. By combining Coaching and mindful movement, using yoga and embodiment practices, you’ll step out of stress and sink into success with Embodied Balance.

Kerri Woods

Tour Director

One day, over a decade ago, Kerri stood on a rooftop terrace overlooking the heart of Rome for the first time and knew, in that instant, she was home. Immediately after returning to the U.S. Kerri started a business that would bring her back to Italy every year after that… helping others not make the mistakes she made, and allow them to enjoy, relax and immerse in this amazing country.

Kerri personally plans each and every tour and retreat, down to the last detail. She also handpicks her guides and team as much for their passions, as for their unique personality/views that they bring to the tours and retreats. You will be in her very capable hands before and during the retreat to ensure you are pampered and supported

Mid-October 2023

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$14,995 total / $1,500 Deposit

Balance due by June 1st 2023

Deposit of $1,500 to secure your spot now.

Payment plans available.

Includes all meals*, excursions, and transportation except airfare to Rome.

Itineraries are subject to change. Europe is full of surprises and we need to be flexible enough to take advantage of whatever comes along so that we may provide you with the best possible tour.

More Information

Cancellation Policy

I have read and agree to the Tour Terms and Conditions Page and I understand that this is a physically active style tour, meaning that I’ll climb many stairs, spend much time walking and standing while sightseeing, carry my own bag to and from hotel to bus, train or taxi, walk an average of 2-6 miles per day, and won’t be allowed to smoke or vape indoors. I also understand that my address, phone number, email and other information will NOT be shared with ANYONE, including my fellow tour members, unless I choose to privately share the information with individual tour members during my tour. Airport transfers are only for the day of the tour to/from the designated airport. 

Deposits for all tours are 100% refundable for 2 weeks from the day received by Ultimate Italy Tours. After that time, the deposit will not be refundable for any reason and will be forfeited if you cancel your tour reservation. If you sign up for a tour within 60 days of the tour departure, the deposit portion will be non-refundable, and full payment will be required upon signing up.

Payment Policy
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Frequently Asked Questions

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COVID Information

How will tours be different post-COVID?

We’re still working out the details, which will be made clear to anyone who travels with us. But, of course, we’ll strictly adhere to all COVID-19 health guidelines (including vaccination requirements) i Italy and the US.

Will I need to be vaccinated for COVID-19 to take a tour?

We strongly recommend travelers be vaccinated against COVID-19 (and up to date with regular immunizations including the annual flu shot) before joining a tour. You’ll need to be able to present one of the following: an authentic COVID-19 vaccination certificate showing date(s) and time(s) of vaccination(s) with the final dose having been given at least 14 days prior to your tour departure date, OR a verifiable negative PCR test result for COVID-19 taken within 72 hours of your tour departure date. However, our tours visit a wide variety of destinations where the governments, local authorities, and other entities (hotels, restaurants, sites) may require proof of vaccination. We’ll do our best to keep our tour members informed of any requirements prior to traveling with us.
Will I need a negative COVID-19 test prior to departing for my tour?
You’ll need to be able to present either an authentic COVID-19 vaccination certificate or a verifiable negative PCR test result for COVID-19 taken within 72 hours of your tour departure date. Your airline and/or the countries you’re visiting may have other requirements. It’s up to you to be aware of the rules where you’ll be traveling.

What happens if I get sick on tour?

We expect tour members to monitor their health and only travel if they’re feeling well. However, getting sick while on tour can happen to anyone — and it can affect not just your trip, but your fellow tour members’ trip, too. If you start to feel sick during your tour, notify your guide right away, so they can direct you to a local clinic or pharmacy for diagnosis and treatment. If anyone has a confirmed case of COVID-19, we’ll follow the requirements of the local health authorities.

Required Documentation & Forms
These are all the documents required before you can go on the retreat. Includes: Health and passport questionnaire, Release and Waiver, and Covid Waiver