Seasonal Assessment

Learn how to DO less and BE more…

Take 5 Minutes to discover how your Seasonal Strengths are the key to Unlocking Feminine Wisdom

unlock Your feminine Wisdom: Discover your season

Are you striving to prove your worthiness and step into your most empowered self? Unlocking your feminine wisdom is the key to achieving your highest desires while embracing rest and renewal. By understanding your seasonal strengths, you can do less and be more, creating a balanced life filled with creativity, intuition, and confidence.

Why Take the Seasonal Assessment?

Our Seasonal Assessment Survey helps you uncover which season of life you are in right now—Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter. Each season carries its unique strengths and rhythms, offering you valuable insights into your energy patterns and how to harness them for greater well-being and productivity.

  • Avoid Burnout: Learn how to balance your life and prevent burnout with practical tips on rest and renewal.
  • Holistic Growth: Receive personalized tips for work, nutrition, movement, and well-being.
  • Nourishing Recipes: Enjoy unique and nourishing recipes tailored for each season.
  • Self-Compassion: Embrace compassion for yourself as you navigate the natural ebbs and flows of your energy.
  • Enhanced Communication: Improve communication and understanding by honoring your feminine rhythms.

Ready to Unlock Your Feminine Wisdom?

Take our Seasonal Assessment Survey to gain insight into your current season and start your journey towards a balanced and empowered life. Receive valuable tips and tools to honor your seasonal strengths and join us in transforming our hustle culture into one of harmony and fulfillment.

Take the Seasonal Assessment

Step into your strengths!!

What high achieving women are saying about unlocking feminine wisdom 

“For this fall season of my life, understanding my strengths alongside other women was incredibly powerful!”

“I appreciated the chance to explore my cycle and practice self-compassion.”

“I loved exploring the seasons.”

“A great way to learn when to rest if you’re constantly working and going through life. Also how to make the most of your life with a seasonal pacing and how to bring it to a natural balance.”

“Tapping into the essence of our womanhood, this is women supporting women at its best through learning, sharing, and authenticity.”

“Re-aligning with the knowledge of honoring who I am and where I am and then sharing this with other women.”

“It was a gorgeous experience of exploring and owning that we, as women, get the opportunity to honor exactly where we are, without apology and without judgment.”

What you receive after taking the assessment

Downloadable copy of the Seasonal Positioning System

The Seasonal Positioning System (SPS) will help you navigate the seasonal shifts you experience on a monthly, annual or lifetime that are experienced on a regular basis. They help shift you from hustle to harmony so you can experience more ease and flow in your life. 

Tips & Recipes

After completing the assessment, you’ll receive a personalized email with your results, detailing the season you are currently in and how to harness its strengths. You’ll also receive a series of nurturing emails throughout the month with tips on productivity, nutrition, movement, and well-being tailored to your season, plus delicious seasonal recipes.


The Benefits of Knowing Your Season


Discover how to harness your seasonal strengths to boost productivity and achieve your career goals without hitting burnout. Our assessment provides personalized tips to help you work smarter, not harder, by aligning your tasks with your natural energy cycles.


Receive tailored nutritional advice that aligns with your current season of life. Our assessment helps you understand which foods best support your energy and well-being, along with delicious seasonal recipes to keep you nourished and satisfied.


Find the perfect workout plan that matches your seasonal energy levels. Our assessment guides you in choosing the right type of movement—whether it’s high-intensity training or gentle yoga—to keep your body fit and energized based on your season.


Learn how to support your mental and emotional health by aligning your self-care practices with your seasonal rhythms. Our assessment offers insights and tips for maintaining balance and reducing stress, ensuring you feel your best in every season.

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I’m Taryn Laakso,

Your Coach and Guide on this exciting transformational journey…

I am a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment. As an experienced coach and a certified xchange facilitator with expertise in Positive Intelligence® and women’s Biorhythms, I am uniquely qualified to share with you the essential keys to unlocking our feminine wisdom. I believe deeply in this work and have seen its immense positive impacts on my own personal and professional life. I am thrilled to share these tools with you! I want to help you find your strengths as a woman who is leading from an empowered state of being in both your life and career. We’ll expand your horizons when faced with difficult challenges. Together, we’ll take you to your personal summit so you can live on top of the world in your business and personal relationships!

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Cynthia Gene,

I’m so happy to welcome you as you explore coaching as an element to the next steps of your journey!

I am a neurodivergent creative coach who is dedicated to your holistic well-being and burnout prevention. After 25 years in small business sales, marketing, and operations, I pivoted my career to bring my knowledge to coaching and consulting. Today I am focused on a mission for supporting others through their integrative wellness journey, leveraging my expertise and certifications in unlocking the collective wisdom within groups as an xchange Guide, Positive Intelligence® Mental Fitness, Emotion Code energy healing practitioner, and Essential Oil Specialist to fully integrate the mind, body, heart, and soul in order to meet professional and personal goals while enjoying work, relationships, and life to the fullest.

Take the Seasonal Assessment

Step into your strengths!!