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“I now have a higher level of awareness of the negative voices in my head and how to quiet them. I’m better at recognizing when they show up and I have a defense mechanism in place. I’m able to cut off the negative thoughts, accepting the 5% truth, and listening more to my sage so I can overcome unreasonable fears and continue moving forward to reach my goals.”

Carmel Ecker

“I am able to recognize my judge and other saboteurs better which allows me to be less reactive and more open to listening to others with more empathy. It’s a gift to find the 10% right in what someone is saying, even if I disagree with them. The PQ self-command tools are techniques that have helped me feel calmer and focused. Even if you’re busy and can’t complete all the steps, just investing 30% of your time gets results!”


“Taryn is a powerful coach and a deeply caring and compassionate human being of whom you will simply want to be around. We were in the same business accelerator group together. A casual conversation turned into a deep coaching conversation. Taryn’s loving presence and powerful questions led me to a life-changing insight, and I will always be grateful for that conversation. I will recommend Taryn to anyone who wants to work with a coach to find a breakthrough in her life!”

Julia Meade