Sparkle & Joy

by Dec 7, 2020Blog, Inspiration

I discovered a new value this weekend. It’s the value of tinsel.

It came to me in an unexpected and bittersweet way.

It was Thursday morning and I had a few minutes to spare before meeting my girls’ stepmom in the parking lot of Starbucks halfway between our two homes. Bartells was opened so I popped in to pick up some ornament hangers. Down the Christmas aisle, I noticed some tinsel. I instantly thought of my grandma, who we call Mumma. (Mumma is Finnish for grandma).

I wanted to get it. I held it in my hands and hesitated. The judgment voice was ping-ponging in my head saying things like “do you really need this?” “Is it worth the $4.00?” “Are the kids going to think this is ridiculous and laugh at you?”.

So I took a deep breath and listened to a quieter and wiser voice. The one from my heart instead of my head. She gently told me “Yes, get it. Mumma loves tinsel. Honor her by putting it on the tree and it also makes you happy! Go for it!”

A little over 24 hrs later on Friday morning, I received a call from my sister. I knew it before she spoke. Mumma had passed away peacefully in her sleep that morning. She told her caretaker she was tired and ready to sleep.

I get chills thinking back to the moment. I almost let myself get talked out of bringing sparkle and joy into my home for the holidays because I felt judgment creeping up. I almost missed the chance to honor my beloved grandmother. I am so glad I paused and allowed myself to check in with my higher self to guide me towards my deeper wisdom. Heart and gut are where truth is found and not always in my head filled with sabotaging thoughts.

It’s been a weekend full of reflection, tears, laughter, joy, and connection in my home and it’s been sprinkled with sparkle as I lean into my grief and celebrate all the emotions of losing Mumma. I also realize I have gained so much with her passing. It’s as if something has been illuminated on what she represents in my life. Stopping and reflecting is giving me a chance to see her and her life in a whole new light. It’s a bit magical and sparkly.

I also realized it’s uncovered a hidden value from this experience. In honoring my love for Mumma and her life, it’s guiding me to bring in sparkle, joy, and connection to top off my already rich and colorful life.

I am choosing to let tinsel be a value to help guide me towards joy and sparkle with a bit of haphazardly thrown in for good measure.

🎇 What’s a memory you have of the holidays or a loved one that ignites sparkle and joy?

🎇 How would you like to sprinkle more joy in your life?

🎇 What other values are guiding you right now?

And here is my tree all decked out in sparkle, joy, and of course, lots of tinsel.

If you feel stuck finding your values, reach out to me and I will help you find your sparkly and joy. Sometimes they come in unexpected places!

All the best in this messy and imperfect world,


Taryn Laakso